Railing Design Options

Introduction to Railing

Bring your project to life with one of our many custom railing choices. Choose from between glass, cable, or rod railing — all safe and modern infill choices. Once you’ve chosen your system, take your pick from a variety of post mounting styles to create a system that matches your style. Finally, browse our selection of handrail materials, and choose between traditional wood or sturdy metal.

Glass Railing Systems

Introduction to Glass

Offering the maximum in open concept design, glass railing is a modern and highly sought after system. Browse our different mounting styles, handrail, and caprail options to choose a style and price point that fits your needs.

All our glass panels are manufactured in-house, so you don’t have to worry about coordinating with an external glass provider. Plus, we make our glass systems from specialty low-iron glass. This means that each panel is completely clear, without the greenish tint that’s common in glass systems.

Vedera Glass Railing

Glass Railing with Tread caps

Our premier offering, the Vedera system represents the flagship in glass railing design. This system uses tread caps to hide the hardware used to secure the glass — creating totally hidden fasteners for a look that truly soars. Vedera is an Italian word meaning “to see”. The glass lets you see everything around you, creating a completely seamless view for your staircase.

The Vedera system is exclusively built for FLIGHT floating stairs.

Ascend Talons

Our surface mounted frameless glass system is built specifically for the modern staircase. Ascend Talons are the most affordable glass system choice for the modern home. Manufactured in-house, each talon is made from aluminum and can be powder coated in any color. Pair them with a wood or metal handrail, depending on your style needs.

Ascend Glass

Standoff Pins

Glass railing standoff pins on floating stairs

Tiny yet powerful, four standoff pins discreetly hold each railing panel in place as it transitions up the staircase. Each pin is incredibly strong and is made from highly corrosion resistant metal. The result of using the pin system? A minimal, side-mounted look — ideal for the modern FLIGHT stairs.

Post to Post

Shop our traditional post and handrail system for your stair glass railing. Choose between a variety of post mounting styles, including surface mount posts for a classic, modern look. You can also mount posts to the side of your staircase to save space. Decide between aluminum or stainless steel material for the posts and components, and choose between wood or metal handrail to complete the look.

This versatile system is ideal for the modern homeowner.

Horizontal Systems

Introduction to Horizontal Systems

Looking for a horizontal infill for your FLIGHT floating staircase? Look no further than our signature cable and rod railing lines. With dozens of custom design options, you can assemble a system that matches your style, budget, and timeline.

Choose between three different infill options, a variety of mounting styles, post materials and powder coat options, and wood or metal handrail to create the ideal system for you.

Choose Your Infill

Rod Railing and Handrail

Signature Rod Railing

Close Up of Onyx Rods

Onyx Rod Railing

Cable railing on floating stairs closeup

Signature Cable Railing

First, select the infill option that’s right for you. We have three different types of infill for horizontal systems. Each is created to be simple to install, totally customizable, and completely up to code. Which option you choose simply comes down to aesthetics.

Our Signature Rod Railing line is durable, easy to install and clean, and versatile. Rods can be bent to turn a radius, so they’re ideal for curved applications such as balconies or stairways.

Our Onyx Rod Railing line is a streamlined version of our signature line. The system comes with an all-black matte finish. This option is ideal for indoor projects, such as staircases.

Finally, our Signature Cable Railing is the most affordable of the FLIGHT railing systems. If you’re on a tight budget, this may be the best choice for you. Cables are also durable and corrosion resistant, and they’re simple for anyone to install.

Choose Your Post and Handrail Style

Our posts come in a wide variety of post mounting styles. Choose from surface mount posts, one of our most popular options. They sit directly on the top of the treads, and they’re ideal for classic, modern stair systems.

Side mount posts attach to the side of each tread. This way, there’s more room to step. Inset mount posts are drilled into cut-out spaces in the treads themselves. They’re ideal for staircases in small spaces, or where you need to save room on the outside of the tread.

All styles of posts can be used with both rod and cable railing: so you have complete control over the look of your FLIGHT floating staircase.

For handrail, choose between wood and metal options for either a traditional or industrial look. Metal handrail is available in both round and square options. All our handrail is built to code and is perfectly compatible with the floating stair system.