FLIGHT for Developers

Premium Design, No On-Site Welding

A floating stair system liberates a home, allowing it to have the open concept look everyone wants. It’s a unique centerpiece that will make your property more attractive and easier to sell. Viewrail FLIGHT is perfect for development projects of all sizes, and we have a team dedicated to meeting your needs. Because of our large-scale, automated manufacturing process, we can produce staircases for many units at a price point that makes sense. And once the stairs show up on a jobsite, installation is a breeze. Whether you are building townhomes, office buildings, or single-family residences, reach out to us today to discuss the possibility of using Viewrail FLIGHT for your project.

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Single-Family Homes

Floating Stairs

Use FLIGHT systems as a stunning centerpiece of an open concept home.

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Multifamily Home

Maximize every inch of space with modern flair by using FLIGHT.

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Commercial Spaces

Commercial Stairs

FLIGHT creates a statement that will impress every visitor.

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Customizability In Design
Floating Stairs with Small MonoStringer

Viewrail FLIGHT offers customization and options. Viewrail gives you the power to get a floating staircase to fit any style. We provide resources to help you choose the right railing options, materials, & finishes for your FLIGHT staircase.

Railing Options

Whether the choice is based on style or price point, we’re certain that one of our railing options will satisfy and look fantastic doing it. Our most popular railings are Glass, Onyx Rods, and Stainless Rods.

Railing Systems

Materials & Finishes

We have a large selection of finishes to match any interior. Our posts are made from brushed stainless steel or powder coated aluminum, available in more than 10 colors. Stringers can also be powder coated to be the perfect accent to the rest of the room, or fade into the background.

Thick treads are our pride and joy. Available in more than 15 species–if you want it, we probably have it. And our furniture-grade finish can be further customized by choosing a stain from our palette, hand-selected by our wood-finishing expert.

Material & Finish Options

Meeting Your Timeline & Budget

Save Time: No On-Site Welding

The steel stair and railing market is notorious for being messy, time consuming, and expensive. The Viewrail FLIGHT stair system design avoids all the pitfalls of the typical steel staircase. We’ve spent years perfecting the FLIGHT staircase so the entire stair arrives on site ready to install and bolts together entirely, no on-site welding required. Plus, we’ll deliver it directly to the construction site when you need it, sidestepping complicated delivery logistics.

An experienced crew can install one story FLIGHT systems in a single day, keeping your job site clean and clear. This allows other trades to work more efficiently without dodging welders for months.

Save Money: Custom Manufacturing at Scale

With automation and smart manufacturing at our plant in Goshen, Indiana, we are able to drive down costs, regularly coming in lower than fab-on-site shops. We can engineer and create standard or custom parts at blazing speeds while holding stringent tolerances. Expect exceptional product quality and design at competitive market prices.

The Process – We Support You All the Way

From the first time you contact us until the job is done and we’re starting the next one, we support you. Here’s a quick overview of how we do our best to make your project successful.


Our engineering team works with your team to plan a system that is perfect for your layout. We also provide drawings for you and your team.

Site Measurements

Our tech experts travel to your site to gather all of the needed measurements.


All parts of the system will be delivered to your job site together so installation can begin (and finish) as quickly as your crew is ready.

Installation Assistance

We’ll provide visual and video installation instructions so your crew will know exactly what to do to complete a safe and beautiful installation.

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