17 Modern Stair Railing Ideas

Modern stair railing prioritizes simplicity to combat the over-complicated features and designs of years gone by. They also help to provide a unique sense of personality to your space, creating the perfect place to showcase your home’s overall style. Here are 17 modern stair railing ideas to inspire your next project.

1. Minimize visual clutter

Simple, elegant, and clean. This FLIGHT Stack system is the perfect example of how to achieve a modern aesthetic while keeping an open and spacious environment. Pair this gorgeous Vedera glass railing with any style, size, and color treads, and you will witness your space come together magically. 

2. Contrast light and dark

Floating Staircase in dark room

You can’t go wrong with the ultimate ethereal style of invisible glass railing against a stone-colored backdrop. This system creates the illusion of completely floating treads and handrails, adding to the drama and intrigue of the space.

3. Create a centerpiece

Get inspired with this pristine glass railing system – the ultimate centerpiece in this California home. Simplicity is key in large spaces like this – let the railing speak for itself. The attention to surrounding details will only help to elevate the overall staircase and leave you with the perfect, show-stopping system.  

4. Pick a moody palette

FLIGHT and Rod Railing

This dark, ultra-modern color palette brings out a whole new layer to the entrance of this home. With Endurance Rod infill, you can see the stark difference between the soft color of the treads and the eye-catching stair railing. You might even choose Onyx Rods to bring out a more moody tone altogether – the options are endless.

5. Let the light in


A classic, dark cable railing stands out against light wood treads and a bright background. Create a statement piece by mixing-and-matching various design styles around your home. This space built in the mountains is the perfect atmosphere for experimenting with the endless railing designs that are offered. 

6. Experiment with lighting

To create a dramatic atmosphere, as seen above, one of the most popular options is choosing textured lighting to let the stairs and railing stand out. Experiment with light and texture by including LED treads beside Onyx rod infill. This space showcases a beautifully designed system against a dark background while providing more room for an open-concept space.

7. Blend in with your surroundings 

Floating Stairs with Whitewash Finish

This New York home captures the muted modern look to perfection. If you’re feeling muted and monochromatic, let your stairs and railing do the heavy lifting. There’s no need for extra decorations when your stairs are a work of art.

8. Simple, yet versatile 

Even with limited space, your railing design can shine. This FLIGHT Spiral system with Endurance rod infill is the perfect system to bring a bright, elegant vibe to your home. With the rod infill bent to surround the staircase, a whole new layer of texture is added to this stunning space. 

9. Don’t be afraid to go bold

Floating Staircase with Hickory Treads

Dark, hickory treads against a similar colored background are a powerful combination – but paired with an Onyx Rod railing, you get the ultimate showpiece. There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to a custom, modern stair railing. 

10. Act natural

This Express cable railing with black powder-coated posts provides a beautiful contrast against its natural, tree-lined backdrop. With more to offer than just a safety structure, this modern railing gives you a crisp, clean, and simple design for indoor and outdoor spaces.

11. Silver can be a winner too

Speedboat silver floating stair stringer

This modern switchback staircase, secured by a beautiful silver railing with rod infill, helps this space to shine. With a bright stair railing against the natural treads and handrail, the system stands out easily.

12. Pick a focal point

Red Oak Vedera FLIGHT

This FLIGHT Mono system creates a focal point with the addition of a glass railing. Both extravagant and simple, there are endless possibilities for your overall home design. Pair dark, modern treads with crystal-clear glass railing and you will witness your space come alive.

13. Work with what you’ve got


With traditional railing systems, your space can lack personality. That’s not the case for this striking cable railing for a wrap-around porch. The unobstructed railing brings an open experience to the outdoor space and creates a beautiful design for this modern home. This DriveTite railing system works with your existing wood posts to cut down on costs and install time.

14. Make a statement

Viewrail glass railing and treads featured in an indoor home project in Colorado

The ultimate statement in a new home is a luxurious glass railing. There are endless possibilities for your interior design personality to shine when you utilize glass railing. Modernize your space with an upgraded system that stands out by blending in no matter where it’s located. 

15. Put a pin in it


An effortless look is achieved only with glass railing Standoff Pins. The focus of the space is immediately drawn to the beautifully designed system. The design of this project shows how versatile glass can be.


16. Go vertical

Try something completely new with a vertical railing using iron rods. A modern spin on industrial design, this unique staircase showcases the endless possibilities for rod railing. With similar dark tones on the treads and handrail, the railing ties the whole system together. 

17. Daring design

Floating Staircase with Beach View

The bold colors from this railing system help to promote the natural surroundings beautifully. With a stair railing that matches the treads, handrail, and stringer you can make your space pop with confidence. 



What Types of Modern Stair Railing Are There?

At Viewrail, we offer two main types of modern stair railings – cable and glass. However, with each of these options, there are endless customization possibilities. For instance, our cable railing systems can be upgraded with Endurance or Onyx rod infill. You can incorporate almost any stair railing design onto your Viewrail stair system to create the perfect combination for you.

Can I Install My Stair Railing Myself?

Installing railing on stairs is a bit more difficult than your typical DIY railing install, but it can definitely be done if you’re confident in your abilities. Our Express cable railing is designed to look great and install in a breeze. No matter what railing option you choose to install yourself, there are guides, instructions, and resources to help you along the way.

Do I Need a Handrail in Addition to a Stair Railing?

The handrail is what allows you to safely hold onto your stair railing. While it might look aesthetically pleasing to forgo some handrail options, there are safety measures that need to be followed to pass code. If you are looking for sleek, unnoticeable handrail options, we have just what you need. Find out more about handrail styles here.