Brushed Stainless Steel

A Viewrail staple, our brushed stainless steel complements a variety of interior designs and modern stainless appliances. Prior to brushing, we extensively clean the material surface to ensure our brushed stainless steel products meet your performance & aesthetic expectations.

Available on any of our stainless steel material options, brushed stainless steel is an ideal choice for interior projects incorporating 304 stainless steel, and a great option for exterior jobs utilizing 2205 stainless.

Powder Coat

The secret to a beautiful, long-lasting finish is powder coating the cleanest material possible. We’ve developed a state-of-the-art cleaning process to eliminate any opportunity for contaminants to build on the surface of our powder coated materials.

Available in 12 color options, and on any of our metal materials, we have a powder coat (what is powder coating?) option to accentuate any design.

Endurance Powder Coat

For our customers who want the best exterior performance possible, or a glossier finish than our standard powder coat offering, we recommend an Endurance Powder Coat.

Available on any of our metal materials in Black, Bone White, Apollo White, Fashion Grey, Speedboat Silver, or Colonial Grey, these finish options incorporate binders that result in a glossier finish with the strongest-possible resistance to chalking and UV light.


Endurance Black

Endurance Fashion Gray

Endurance Apollo White


Endurance Speedboat Silver

Speedboat Silver


Endurance Colonial Gray

Endurance Bronze

Copper Vein

Rust Spice

Powder Coat Visualizer

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