The View for 2022

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The Highlights

Viewrail Installations (VRI)

  • Fast, safe, hassle-free installation completed in 1-3 days
  • Our trained and certified technicians handle everything
  • Fabrication done off-site, before install
  • Available in every region and state

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Viewrail Delivers (VRD)

  • Fast, reliable delivery from our people on our trucks
  • Greatly reduces shipping delays and damaged orders
  • All orders utilizing VRI will be shipped via VRD

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ICC Certifications

  • First floating stair system in history to receive certification from the International Code Council (ICC)
  • First-of-its-kind certification for our glass hardware
  • Simplifies and speeds up permitting and inspecting process

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Enhanced 3D Visualizers

  • Sophisticated, real-time renderings of your project
  • Compare various stains, finishes, and powder coats
  • Proprietary software, owned and developed by our team

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LED Treads and Handrails

  • Dotless LED under-lighting for stairs and railings
  • Enhances the modern look homeowners are going for
  • Makes navigating stairways, balconies, and decks easier at night

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Quick Slide Wood Grain

Quick Slide Handrails

  • Slide and lock engineering takes minutes to install
  • Clamps don’t puncture powder coat, lengthens lifespan
  • Best, corrosion-resistant option for coastal environments
  • LED under-lighting upgrade available

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New Floating Stair Designs

  • STRATUS: 2 side-mounted stringers blend seamlessly into the geometry of the staircase. 3 designs available – BeamWave, and Zag
  • TERRACE: stringer is hidden inside the treads, looks like the staircase is truly floating

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Viewrail Team

The Most Helpful Team in the Industry

  • Our immersive training lab gives employees hands-on experience with our products
  • 1500 hours spent in training in 2021
  • 4000 hours budgeted for training in 2022

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Launching Regional Locations

  • Showrooms and warehouses planned to launch in the 6 major regions of the contiguous United States
  • Local brand ambassadors, delivery drivers, and install technicians will be based at each location
  • Easier than ever to come see our products and people in-person

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When You Succeed, We Succeed

Last year was massive for our team here at Viewrail, and 2022 is already gearing up to be even bigger.

But at the end of the day, it’s your success that determines ours.

Let’s build a better year together.

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