How to Measure for Ascend Talon Glass Railing System

To help you get exact measurements for your new glass railing system, we’ve sent you a glass railing measuring kit, this kit includes:

  • Post Layout Drawing
  • Template Guide
  • Wood Screws
  • Acrylic

Our plan is to help you gather the correct measurements seamlessly, so we can send them off to our engineering team quickly!

Step 1 – Identify Your First Run

In order to begin measuring for your new glass railing system, you’ll need to identify your first run. Inside the glass railing measuring kit there is a post layout drawing. Take that glass railing sheet and look for run #1. Once you find it, locate it on your deck so that you’re prepared for the next step

Step 2 – Using the Acrylic Templates

Inside the template kit you’ve received from us, you will find acrylic templates that represent the foot of the ascend talon. Unpack the two templates and prepare to install them into the decking to gather measurements. Ensure that the acrylic template is directly over decking that can support the ascend talon. You may need to account for additional overhang that is unsuitable for our mounting options. In the video, there is an overhang of 1”.

After measuring additional deck space, install the acrylic pieces into the deck with the provide screws. Once the corner acrylic piece is set, install the straight acrylic piece at the other end of the run. In the video, the run goes from corner to staircase. Make sure when installing the second acrylic template to the deck to account for the overhang, if any.

Step 3 – Measure the distance between the acrylic pieces

Now that both templates are set, measure the distance with your tape measure from the one template to the other. When doing this, hook the tape measure to the outside edge of the base rail template then go to the opposite end (in the video we get 143 ¼ ).

Step 4 – Recording the Run Type & Length

On the backside of the template guide, there are two things to fill out: run type & run length. For run type state one of the following: straight to straight, straight to corner, corner to straight, corner to corner. For run length, simply record the distance of the run length