Lakeside Dream House Floating Stairs

Floating Stairs, Cable Railing

The architect had a vision. The contractor had a problem: satisfy the design without sacrificing the client’s timeline. Viewrail FLIGHT was the solution.


This project started with a clear architectural vision for a custom steel stair stringer, railings, and wood treads. When the contractor began looking into custom metal suppliers, he found that his client could not afford the length of time or the cost that it would take to implement that system.

He researched other options in the marketplace, hoping to find a supplier who could meet the aesthetic needs of his client without breaking their budget or timeline. When he found Viewrail, he was impressed.

“Within several days, we were able to put together a complete stair rail system. In previous installations where I’ve worked with products that look like this, we’re talking weeks to months to pull together a stair system as elegant as this one.” – Lowell Smith, Contractor in Harbert, MI

The Floating Stairs assembled and installed quickly and was absolutely gorgeous as a finished product. After the system was shipped to the job site, it took Lowell and his team about three days to learn the system and fully assemble both stringers.

The Viewrail FLIGHT system was a contractor’s dream — bringing simplicity and elegance to this beautiful lakeside home.


This project was completed by:

Lowell Smith
Dunes Development
Harbert, MI

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