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What Kind of blocking do I need?

The header blocking is where the header plate attaches to the top floor. The attachment point requires sufficient backing to support the bolts and weight of the stringer. The two recommended blockings are:

  • Double Lvl
  • Triple 2x Construction

What is a double lvl?

Laminated Veneer Lumber is an engineered wood product often used for framing material in homes. A double lvl is double the size of typical lvl blocks to support the weight of heavy attachments. The extra blocking is simply placed right behind the header beam, braced into the cross floor joists.

The Type of blocking you choose is up to you, but it’s likely that you’ll need more than just your header beam to attach the stringer. Be prepared to install the extra blocking behind the header before you begin installation.

Tip: When installing blocking it’s always better to have it done before you have drywall or sheetrock hung. This is because the mechanical connections must be flush with the blocking to guarantee a strong connection. Drywall or other surfaces may crumble and break, because of the mounting plate’s pressure, weakening the connection.


What is a Structural Subfloor?

A structural subfloor is what the stringer footer plate attaches to. The subfloor can be most types of wood flooring or concrete. Remove any kind of carpeting or tile to ensure that the connection between stringer and floor is strong.


  • Mark the holes before installing the footer and header plates to prepare the drill holes.
  • When scheduling your installers, make sure to wait to schedule them until after you’re notified that your product is on the way.
  • Concrete floor must have a 4″ thick depth, minimum.