Affordability Updates For 2023

We’ve all heard the whispers about what could potentially happen with the economy over the next few months.
But we’re not fortune tellers – we’re innovators.

Our team has been hard at work developing new ways to value engineer our products, so you can continue to build exceptional spaces no matter what happens with the market:

  1. Express –

    Our new, automated production systems and engineering processes have enabled us to reduce the cost of Express cable railing by 25%, effective immediately.

  2. Standard Thick Treads –

    We just launched our newly re-engineered, Standard Thick Treads. These treads are made from a solid core, wrapped in flooring-quality wear and outer layers, which can be finished just like our previous tread options. This new tread style won’t sacrifice on style or strength, but it will save you up to 30% per tread.

If you have any questions or want more information, reach out to your Viewrail rep today, or give us a call.

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