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Winter Sale – 10% Off Railing Products*

Valid Through January 31, 2020

Terms of Sale

Offer valid is ten percent (10%) off all metal railing products. All Cable, Rod & Glass Railing products are included, except for any wood handrail or any other wood products. Excludes FLIGHT.

This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts.

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Cyber Monday Sale – Extended

Offer Valid through December 7, 2019

Terms of Sale

Offer valid is a percentage off, up to forty percent (40%), of the specific product and/or product category. The offer is automatic and the sale prices are shown on product pages. See specific discount breakdowns below.

Discount Breakdowns

Cable Railing Products

Products Discount
5/32″ Stainless Steel Cable 15%
Angle Foot Universal Top Post 10%
Surface Mount Cable Railing Posts 10%
Post Foot Cover 15%
Post Angle Foot Cover
Endurance Series 6007 5%
Endurance Series 6002 5%
Aluminum Beverage Handrail 10%
6000 Handrail 10%
Metal Handrail 1″x2″ 10%
6005 Beverage Handrail 10%
6002 Solid Handrail 10%
6004 Graspable Handrail 10%
Round Metal Handrail 2″ 10%
6040 Round Handrail 10%
Aluminum Beverage Handrail End Plug 10%
Postside Handrail Bracket 15%
Metal Handrail End Plugs 10%
Metal Handrail Covers 15%
Round Beverage Handrail Cover 15%
Handrail Mounting Screws 25%
Kits & Components
Steel Post Cable Railing Kits & Components 15%
Wood Post Cable Railing Kits & Components 15%
Cable Railing Kits 15%
DriveTite Interior Installation Kit 5%
DriveTite Exterior Installation Kit 5%
Cable Railing Tools
Cable Rail Installation Kit 5%
Cable Rail Insert Tool 5%
Marine 31 Stainless Steel Sealant 5%
Rivnut Threaded Insert Tool 5%
Marine 31 Stainless Steel Polish 5%
Cable Crimper 5%
Cable Cutter 5%
Express Cable Railing 10%

Rod Railing Products

Products Discount
Rod Railing Posts 10%
Rod Railing Accessories
Angle Grinder Cutting Wheel 2pk 5%
Angle Grinder 5%
1/4″ Rods (Normal & Onyx) 15%
Level Tension End – VR805 15%
Angle Tension End – VR806 15%
RodTite Kit 15%
Level Fixed End 15%
Rod Threaded Crimp Fitting – VR801 15%
Rod Coupler 15%
1/4″ Rod Installation Kit 5%
Split Foot Cover 5%
Rod Railing Handrail (see Cable Handrail above)
Rod Railing Gates
Gate Latch 5%
Gate Hardware – Hingers 5%
Cable Railing Gate Kit – Universal Top Style 10%
Cable Railing Gate Kit – Domeless Style 10%
Gate Hinge Post – Rod Railing 10%

Glass Railing Products

Products Discount
Surface Mount Talon Spigot 10%
Ascend Talons 10%
Side Mount Talon Spigot 10%
Glass Base Rail System w/ Tilt Lock 10%
2″ Round Standoff Pin 10%
Powder Coat Samples – VR481 25%
Metal Cap End Plug 10%
Metal Cap Wall Anchors 10%
Metal Cap Couplers 10%
Glass Railing Posts 10%
Glass Railing Handrail 10%
Glass Railing Accessories 10%

Wood Products

Products Discount
Stair Treads 25%
Wood Sample Box 25%
Handrails, Handrail Accessories, & Handrail Kits
VR454 40%
VR453 40%
Straight Handrail 10%
Wall Mounted Handrail 10%
S-9600 Rail Bolt Kit 40%
3901 Rail Bolt Wrench 40%
S-9601 Angled Rail Bolt Kit 40%
3905 Rail Bolt Kit 40%

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