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Commercial Grade Performance | Uncompromising Style

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Strong, Sleek Treads for When Wood Won’t Cut It

Fire resistant
Wear resistant
Looks like wood or stone
Exceeds commercial code

Wear And Tear Has Finally Met Its Match

Commercial and exterior staircases are subjected to harsh wear and tear. Wood treads in these environments end up requiring constant maintenance and upkeep. Porcelain treads are our “one and done” solution because they’re easy to install and extremely durable. Plus, they can be designed to look just like wood, stone, quartz, or marble.


How much do porcelain treads cost?
The porcelain tread itself costs $450 per tread, but most often treads are purchased as an element of an accompanying floating stair system. The price of these systems varies based on shape, size, configuration, style, and materials.
Will porcelain treads break when I step on them?
Porcelain is extremely durable compared to wood or ceramic materials. Plus, our porcelain treads are always mounted on top of a metal pan to safely support the weight of anyone walking on the staircase.
What sizes do porcelain treads come in?
Our porcelain treads are shipped to you in 48” lengths and can be cut to size on-site using a tile saw.
How quickly can I get my porcelain treads?
We’re running a 2 week lead time on porcelain treads. Once your order has been submitted, we’ll design and produce your treads and ship them out in 10 business days or less.
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