DriveTite Interior Kit – VR298

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The DriveTite Interior Kit contains everything you need to be able to tension one end of a run of cable inside a wood post at either an angle or on a level.*

We recommend you purchase our 5″ long T-30 driver in order to tension the Tensioning Screw more easily than using a standard length T-30 driver.

1 – Tensioning Screw (VR364)
1 – Barrel Fitting (VR360)
1 – Cable Stop (VR312)
1 – Wood Angle Insert (VR336)
2 oz – Screw Wax

These components are crafted from marine-grade 2205 duplex stainless steel and aluminum for lasting beauty and strength. We recommend putting a cable every 3 1/8″, we’ve found that this spacing (when combined with an intermediate post placed every 4 feet), allows for minimal cable deflection, so that you stay within the common 4″ sphere rule for code. If your overall system height is 36″ tall, typically a 10 pack for each post is required (depending on your handrail setup, it might be less). For 39″ systems purchase a 11 pack, and for 42″ systems purchase a 12 pack.

*You will need to purchase a kit for the other end of your cable, either another DriveTite Interior Kit, Wood Level Tension Kit, a Wood Angle Tension Kit (for starting or ending on a staircase). We highly recommend using our Cable Railing Installation Tool Kit (VR400) to install this product.”

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