Angle Foot Universal Top Square 2″ Rod Railing Posts

Angle Foot Universal Top Square 2″ Rod Railing Posts

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Adaptable to almost any environment, Surface Mount Posts are the most popular post mounting style. Captivating & customizable, these posts are built from superior stainless steel or aluminum by craftsmen who care. Surface Mount Rod Railing Posts are perfect for decks, treads, and other surfaces. Well-suited for almost any scenario, these posts have earned their acclaim—and they’re ready to prove it

***If you are ordering Rod Railing Posts for an angled run, please make sure that you have precise measurements (within .25 degrees) of that angle before you place your order. Indicate that measurement in the notes section when you are checking out.

*Posts sold individually, all associated hardware (including foot covers) are sold separately

Key Features: Angle Foot Universal Top 2” Square Post

  • Optimal for applications with angle knee walls
  • Swiveling brackets make Universal Tops excellent on stairs  
  • Available in 304 Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Find a look you love among more than 12 powder coat options

This is Viewrail’s newest product. If you love the rod railing look but don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call. The product is continuously being refined and we may have the solution you need.

The post will be custom made based on the height of your knee wall, and the angle of your staircase.

Post Configuration Details:

“B-5” – The “B-5″ post is designed to be an intermediate post on angled stair runs. It has offset* holes drilled on both sides of the post.

“B” – The “B” (up or down) post is designed to be a start post on angle stair runs. When choosing “Up” or “Down,” determine whether your run will be continuing upwards or downwards from that post. Then choose the corresponding post configuration.

“S” – The “S” post is shipped without any holes pre-drilled in the post itself (handrail bracket and foot still come pre-drilled). Select this post if you have an application where rods are not necessary but you still want to run handrail, or for a custom application where you want to drill the holes yourself.


* All offset holes are drilled at 40 degrees (the typical angle of a staircase), these 40-degree holes work with angles between 36 – 42 degrees. If your staircase falls outside those angles custom hole drilling can be requested at no additional charge.

Posts are manufactured 1″ shorter than their defined height. This will allow you to be at the exact height with our 1″ tall metal handrail, or slightly over with our 1 5/8″ tall 6000 series handrail.

Mounting feet come with 4 holes (6 holes on “B” posts) for 3/8″ fasteners. The handrail bracket also comes with 6 pre-drilled holes to secure the handrail.

The standard brackets that come with our posts are designed to work with flat bottom handrail, if you order our Round Metal Handrail 2″, we’ll automatically select rounded brackets to work with the handrail. If you have round wood handrail or are ordering an additional post for your project, please specify in the notes if you need a rounded bracket.

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