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1″ Round Metal Cap Fittings

1″ Round Metal Cap Fittings

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These fittings work with our 1″ Round Metal Cap for Glass. They allow you to transition corners, give finished connections and join two pieces for a long run. Each fitting has ends that fit perfectly into the 1″ Round Metal Cap. Use silicone or epoxy, if desired, to lock the fittings into place. The fittings work on both on 3/8″ or 1/2″ glass with rubber u channel between the glass & handrail.

  • 90 Degree Corner – Helps turn a 90 degree turn without the need to miter the top cap
  • Adjustable Coupler Vertical/Horizontal – Allows the customer to turn a custom corner. The coupler works on level or angled applications
  • End Plug – Fits into the end of the top cap to close off the channel
  • Straight Coupler – Each end fits into two pieces of top cap and connects them on a straight run
  • Wall Anchor – This attaches directly to the wall framing and the top cap sits inside of it to be held in place
  • Hidden Wall Anchor – This attaches directly to the wall framing, but is hidden inside the top cap, concealing the piece.

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