Stratus System

Floating Stairs

Bold Geometry. Distinctive Design.

STRATUS Zag in Apollo White and Oak

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A Groundbreaking Geometric Masterpiece.

A Groundbreaking Geometric Masterpiece.

Viewrail’s STRATUS line of Floating Stairs is the first of its kind.

Available in Three Different Designs

Subtle strength in a geometric masterpiece.
A modern, elegant version of the STRATUS series.
Our most striking adaption, featuring Lightning Stringers.

WAVE Nominated at International Builders' Show 2022

WAVE Nominated at International Builders' Show 2022

We do everything so you don’t have to.

Say goodbye to countless contractors and endless timelines. Your floating stairs are custom-made to fit your space, and can be installed by our expert team in as little as one day.

1. Design

You select finishes, materials, and a stair system that are perfect for your home.

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2. Engineer

Our team of experts designs a stair system for your space.

3. Manufacture

We manufacture your system in the USA. And we do it fast.

4. Install

Fast, safe, hassle-free installation that takes as little as one day.

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