Viewrail FLIGHT Cost Guide

How much does Viewrail FLIGHT Floating Stairs Cost?

Viewrail FLIGHT prices start as low as $9,500. The price of your FLIGHT will vary depending on two factors: the configuration of your floating stairs and the finishes that you select for the materials. Below, you can see starting prices and relative prices that will help you know if Viewrail FLIGHT is right for your project.

Floating Stair Configurations

FLIGHT floating stairs come in four different configurations: straight, 90-Degree Turn, Switchback, and Custom. Custom configurations usually have two or more turns and require special pricing considerations.

The starting prices you see below are for a complete FLIGHT system. This includes railing, thick treads, and floating stair stringer(s).

FLIGHT ConfigurationStarting Price for Complete FLIGHTPhoto
Straight Staircase$9,500
90° Staircase$14,00090 degree staircase
Switchback Staircase$18,000switchback staircase
Custom$22,000custom staircase

What are the Differences in Railing Infill Options?

We have three modern railing infill options for our floating stairs: rod railing, glass railing, and cable railing. The table below will show you railing options with relative pricing. If the pricing shows a single dollar sign ($) that means it’s an inexpensive option while two dollar signs ($$) means it’s more expensive but not as expensive as three dollar signs ($$$). Four dollar signs ($$$$) indicate our highest end finishes.

Mounting & Railing OptionRelative PricingPhoto
Powder Coated Aluminum Post with Rod or Cable Railing$Detail of floating stairs featuring cable railing.
Powder Coated Aluminum Posts with Glass Railing$$
Brushed Stainless Steel Post with Rod or Cable Railing$$$Floating Stair and Platform with Wooden Stair Treads
Stainless Steel Posts with Glass Railing$$$interior Glass Railing Post detailed
Vision Glass Railing$$$$FLIGHT Vision Glass Railing
Standoff Pin Glass Railing$$$$stringer with standoff pins

Thick Stair Tread Pricing

Thick treads are the feature piece of your stairway. We always recommend leaving your wood stair treads exposed, rather than covering them with carpet, to let the natural beauty shine through. We recommend 6 different wood species for use as treads on Viewrail FLIGHT. Each of these wood species have been tested for use on our FLIGHT system and will give you high-end performance. If you’d like to read more about the differences and benefits of these wood species, see the Which Wood Species Works Best on FLIGHT page.

Wood SpeciesRelative PricingPhoto
Red Oak$Red Oak Clear Finish
Hard Maple$$$hard Maple Clear Finish
Hickory$$Hickory Clear Finish
White Oak$$$White Oak Clear Finish
Walnut$$$$Walnut Clear Finish

Pricing is All About Your Choices

We have seen homes use Viewrail FLIGHT that are all the way from $200,000 to $20,000,000. It’s all about what space you need to fill and the finishes that you select. If you are hoping to cut some costs and save money, you’ll want to try and utilize a straight stringer and finish options that are only one dollar sign ($). This will let you get your FLIGHT close to the starting price. Or you may be building your dream home and only want the highest end finishes. In that case, walnut stair treads with a glass railing system may be the right choice.

Now that you have some more information about what your FLIGHT is going to cost, fill out our design help form and one of our experts will contact you to start designing your own FLIGHT.

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