Going With the Grain – Cascade Treads

By Len Morris | Viewrail CEO | 

She didn’t want the butcher block. It was her home, she said, she’d designed every part to her exact preferences. She didn’t want the butcher block.

I’ve sold thousands of treads to thousands of satisfied customers – why did she need something different? What made her so special?

Once I got over myself, I decided to shut up and listen. This customer challenged Viewrail – challenged me – to do better. Now we’ve created the best tread we’ve ever built, the best tread in the industry. And you are the beneficiary. 

The Cascade tread is a tribute to the beautiful, natural symmetry lovingly crafted by our Creator. The grain matches and flows from one to the next, on point with current flooring trends and designs. 

Using the same board for an entire tread is unheard of in the industry, novel to Viewrail – and yet another piece of how we take strides in our leading position to making homes, your home, beautiful. The design and grain matching, too, are an industry first; I truly feel confident saying this is the best tread on the market.

We’ve engineered the mounting points to be stronger and more robust than anything we’ve ever built before. The Cascade tread boasts a wire brushed finish that ensures depth, rich texture and safety.

You will experience the stability of a cross-laminated core; a solid core that resists movement from moisture and temperature variations. What does this mean for our customers in humid or dry conditions? No cracking, no warping – and an incredibly durable wear layer that can be sanded, repaired and refinished. 

This tread is the culmination of industry experts’ input and rigorous testing. 

Thanks to our understanding of lumber movement, grain direction, advanced adhesive techniques, and precise CNC machining, we meet the needs of the industry and the wants of our customers.

I work hard to ensure our leadership in the industry extends towards honoring our natural resources, moving with a heart set on stewardship. When the demand for change arrives, when you call for different designs, we hear you.