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5 Instagram-Worthy Modern Floating Staircase Ideas

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When you think of “design features” in your home, stairs aren’t always the first to come to mind. But when you combine a modern, floating staircase with a sleek, minimal railing system, you turn a basic feature into a statement piece. It’s like having a functional, modern art installation in your home.

To create the perfect floating staircase for your space, you should:

  • Customize the stair treads
  • Choose the ideal stringer system 
  • Install the perfect railing 

At Viewrail, we can help design, produce, deliver, and install your perfect modern floating staircase. But we know that, sometimes, you need a little guidance and inspiration before you can get started.

Design Considerations

These floating wooden steps are against a grey background.

There are a few important aspects of your structure and space that you need to consider before you can design your dream staircase. Let’s take a look at what needs to be evaluated before the installation process can begin.

Stair Turns

Depending on location and design needs, a staircase can be straight, switchback, U-shaped, or include a 90-degree turn. A floating staircase can accommodate each of these designs, but it’s important to understand the path of the staircase before you make any other design decisions.


Floating staircases are beautifully simple. They’re perfect for an open floor concept, minimal design, or adding a modern twist to a traditional space. To create the perfect floating staircase, there are a number of elements that you can customize to find your unique style.

Stringer Design

We offer three stringer options, each of which creates a distinctive look: FLIGHT, STRATUS, and TERRACE. FLIGHT comes with optional LED lighting. STRATUS is available in three different designs, and TERRACE lets you choose from single or dual stringer options. You also have the option to customize the finish to match your wood flooring, creating a seamless look and feel in your space.


Our treads come in different thicknesses with a wide range of wood and stain options, and they can even be pre-distressed for an immediately lived-in look. Stair treads also have optional features available, like grip strips, bracket covers, and endurance treads.

Handrail Style

Handrails are available in different profiles, finishes, and materials that ensure they will fit with the overall design of the floating staircase.

Installation Location 

The type of floating staircase system that you choose depends primarily on the installation location within your space. Our staircases are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. You must also take into account the immediate surroundings and whether or not the staircase will be floating in the middle of a space or installed along a wall. 

Code Compliance

Many regions have adopted the International Building Code created by the International Code Council, but it’s common for cities and local jurisdictions to have specific code requirements. Be sure to check all relevant building codes, or talk to a local expert, to ensure you’re meeting the requirements.


As you’re compiling floating staircase design ideas, consideration of materials is critical. We provide a wide array of options to choose from with each of our systems — you can choose from an extensive list of wood species and finishes, rod, cable, or glass railings, and a variety of handrail styles and materials.

It can be overwhelming to consider all the different elements of your floating staircase design. We suggest checking out these ideas for inspiration before you start.

5 Modern Floating Staircase Ideas

1. A Stunning Switchback

Floating Stairs

For tight spaces or a steep story change, a switchback is the perfect modern floating staircase idea. With a single stringer system, stair treads are supported as they rise, showcasing a sleek and minimal style.

2. A Modern Blend of Glass and Wood

Walnut Vedera

Modern glass is the perfect complement to the natural warmth of wood. The glass railing adds safety and stability without compromising the open feel or line of sight throughout the space. This single stringer FLIGHT design keeps all of the attention focused on the beautiful wood treads and glass railing.

3. Clean, Bright, and White

Stratus System

These STRATUS stairs with an Apollo White finish are the perfect standout feature in any home’s design. The stark white finish creates a stunning contrast to the dark wall, even as it complements the adjacent white wall. Wood treads add warmth and character that bring the outdoors in.

4. Straight and Stately

This room has a painting placed on the ground resting against a grey wall. The exposed brick wall has black and wooden steps attached to it, along with a black handrail.

BEAM, one of our three STRATUS designs, offers a streamlined effect as it rises above other staircase designs. The black finish against the industrial brick wall, glass railing, and light wood treads come together to create a stately design.

5. Industrial Chic Meets Natural Warmth

This large, open-concept room has a floating staircase with light wood-colored steps and a clear railing. The whole wall next to the staircase is windows, and the second floor has a clear railing as well.

Our TERRACE floating staircase adds a grounding touch of warmth to this industrial design. The stacked hardwood treads rise from the wood floor in a floating staircase with no visible fasteners. A glass railing furthers the perfect blend of industrial chic and natural warmth.

Viewrail’s Modern Floating Staircases 

Modern floating staircases are the ultimate statement piece in any room. While defying gravity, these staircases rise above the standard, create added space, and enhance an open concept design to bring the ultimate “wow factor.”

The best part is that they won’t take forever to install. Your floating stairs will be custom-made and tailored to your space, and they can be installed in as little as one day by our expert team.

Contact the experts at Viewrail today, and we’ll take you from inspired to installed in no time!

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